Bad customer service

Bad customer service is something we are trying to avoid, both as customers and as businesses, so why include it in your customer service training or your team meetings?

Exploring a bad customer service experience can be a great way of making your customer service training real and relevant.

As a trainer we can work with example of poor customer service, explore what went wrong, and get people to think about how they felt during that experience, the impact that it had on them as customers but also the impact it had on the company supplying the goods and services. You can relate it to the lifetime value of a customer, and quantify the amount of money that that business had lost.

There's some more tips for how to use customer service stories in your customer service training sessions at the bottom of the page.

But before that there are some examples of poor customer service, as well as an area for you to upload your poor customer service experiences. So go on vent, other people can learn from them your experiences, just don't name any company...we don't want to be sued.

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And if you've had a good customer sevice experience then there is a page for you here as well.

Bad Customer Service Experience

Have you had a bad customer experience which other people can learn from? Share it here.

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How to use bad customer service experiences in your training sessions

Our experience as customers can bring about a lot of fury ( my mum in her 70's still wont shop in a particular store because she saved for a bike as a teenager, went to buy it, and they wouldn't take it out of the window - don't get her started on that one )so as a trainer you need to control the conversation carefully so that it doesn't become a free for all.

But a story like this is worth exploring, because it's so easy to walk in her shoes, to step into the customers world. Imagine how she felt, after saving her pocket money for months, working a part-time job, going to get her bright shiney new bike,the first thing she had ever saved for, to be told the shop assistant wouldn't take it out of the window.

You can also calculate the lifetime value of that customer - my mum went into that store ( which sells a lot more than bicycles ) 60 years ago. Let's say conservatively that she would have spent £50 a year in that store - over 60 years that store has lost £3000 not to mention the number of people she told about that.

So how can you use bad customer service stories in your training?

Ask for bad customer experiences, and then explore some in detail:-

*what made them so bad?
*how did that make you feel?
*what could they have done differently?
*what was the consequence to that - how much custom did that organisation lose?
*what can we learn from that?
*what do we need to do to make sure that any customers we deal with don't feel like that?
*does our company do things like that? How can we stop that from happening
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