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Here are some slogans for you to use in your customer service training or even for Customer Service Week.

Thinking of a slogan can be hard work, although in the run up to any customer service event you are planning, or indeed a training course, why not ask the people who will be involved to come up with the slogan.

You can always offer a small prize to add to the excitement.

Announcing the slogan at the beginning of Customer Service Week or at the beginning of your Customer Service Training Program can also add to the buzz, and help build momentum for what you are trying to achieve.

Inspiration for customer service slogans

Slogans may sometime be annoying, but if they are simple and where appropriate humorous they can have impact and stick in the memory even when we want them to go away.

Have a look at some of these advertising classics.

Although you won't want to copy another brand's slogan, you might be able to use the tone and simplicity of the language to get your message across to any potential audience.

'Just Do it' - Nike

'I'm lovin' it' - MacDonalds

'We try harder' - Avis

'The Real Thing' - Coca Cola

'Put A Tiger In Your Tank' - Esso

'Finger Lickin Good' - KFC  

'Helpful Banking' - Nat West

'Power to You' - Vodafone

'Simple, Personal, Fair' - Santander who also use 'Driven to do Better'


 my personal favorite from a local sewage company

'Fluent In Effluent'

I'm sure you can think of many more that might give you inspiration

Here's our slogan starter list to get you going

Customer Service Matters

  • Customer Service, We Make it Better
  • Happy to Help
  • Here to Help
  • How can I help?
  • Customer Service - Part of the Solution
  • Customer Service - We Make the Difference
  • Customer Service because We Care
  • Customer Service, Can Do, Will Do
  • Customer Connect

Now's your chance - get going and see what you can come up with.

With inspiration from music

  • Customer Service - Simply the Best ( cue Tina Turner - a bit corny, but great fun )
  • Customer Service What have you done today to make yourself proud? ( cue Heather Small ) links nicely to random acts of kindness.

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