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customer service training icebreakers

Ice breakers can help your customer service training start as you mean to go on; with impact and focus.

Here's one for you to use, don't forget to read our tips on using icebreakers  at the beginning of your customer service training.

Good for

Opening a meeting or a training course.

This is a low risk activity that helps people feel comfortable with talking in a group


As long or as short as you want to make it, this usually takes a two - 3 minutes per person

You will need

Some prepared cards with questions on such as

  • where were you born?
  • how many brothers do you have?
  • which subject did your favourite teacher teach at school?
  • how long have you worked for your company?
  • where did you have your last holiday?
  • what's the name of the person you sit opposite?
  • what was the name of your first pet?
  • what is your favourite food?
  • what is your pet hate?
  • what did you do last night?
  • what colour socks are you wearing?
  • what did you have for breakfast?
  • who is your favourite sports person?
  • if there is one person you would like to meet who would that be?
  • what's your favourite part of the day?
  • what's your favourite meal?
  • what's your favourite flower?

Just keep questions away from anything which could be deemed to be contentious like politics or religion.

TIP - when preparing the questions, the answer to the question must be short ideally one word.

Ice breaker activities - Guess the Question


This is a very simple training game or icebreaker activity.

When everyone does an opening round of introductions, distribute a card to everyone.

Tell them not to show their card to anyone.

Ask everyone to introduce themselves by

  • name ( if you do not know each other
  • department
  • giving the answer to the question on their card.

The group must then decide what the question is based on the answer.

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