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preparing a business case

Putting together a good Customer Service Training Business Case can take time, the good news is: Good Customer Service Training is good for Business

Good Customer Service can differentiate you from your competitors, especially if you are selling a commodity that can be bought easily or readily elsewhere.

You can protect price more easily if you offer great customer service.

You can retain and grow the spend of your existing customers, fighting off your competitors.

Good for your people

  • they feel equipped to deal with all eventualities
  • when they are equipped they feel confident
  • if your people connect with your customers and make their day, it will make a difference to the feedback they receive.
  • it's an upward spiral, the more and better feedback they receive the more that they want to do better for your customers.

For your customers

  • just imagine the joys of doing business with a company who does the best it can for you, and puts it right quickly when things go wrong.
  • this is real peace of mind for your customers, and that's good for them, good for you.
  • But in today's economy it is important that you are able to justify the return on investment in your customer service training.

Putting together a customer service training business case

Firstly, you'll need to calculate the costs of your training. Things to include might include

  • costs of the training whether direct costs such as using an external provider or indirect using existing head count to deliver
  • printing any course materials
  • travel, venue and any accommodation costs if requires
  • room and equipment hire if required
  • any catering
  • technology costs - changes or improvements
  • e-learning development or course design costs

Let's say your figure comes to £10,000. You need to demonstrate that the business or organization will benefit by at least £10,000 in order to justify the expenditure and the business to see a return on investment. Here's a couple of ideas to help you put forward your business case

Ask your supplier

If you are using an external training provider ask them for case studies and testimonials which demonstrate the benefits of the training, and the return on investment usually achieved. They will be happy to help as this will showcase their talents.

Break it down

  • how many people will you train for £10,000. 
  • what does that mean on an individual level. If you are going to train 100 people for £10,000 that means that the training costs £100 per head. 
  • what would need to happen at an individual level to recoup the costs - for example if delegates retained 5 customers each as a result of dealing with angry customer training what value would that have to the business. 
  • or if they were able to open 20 new accounts within a three month period following the training at an average value of £250 per account what would that bring into the business? 

Don't confuse turnover with profit

The old adage turnover is vanity and profit is sanity.

Any senior decision maker will be looking to ensure that the amount invested in training will deliver at least the same amount back in profit - not turnover. 
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