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A customer service training energiser is particularly useful to get people moving if they have been sitting for a while, or discussion has become heavy and sluggish, as sometimes happens when there is resistance  to some of your training messages.

Our only word of caution is that it is better to run a training course that is inspiring, interactive and engaging and then you won't need to run to energisers, but sometimes, on some days you might need an energiser or two up your sleeve.

They are also great for customer service training because they don't need much preparation.

Good for

energising people where the training has become stuck or if they have had an intense or difficult session.

Fruit salad - the exercise


Until the group are sufficiently re-focused and re-connected to the training session.

You will need

a good sized space, with a circle of chairs one less than the group, with you standing.


This is a version of musical chairs, and you have some really competitive people, so give some ground rules, such as stay safe, and comply with whatever health and safety legislation you will need to adhere to.

That said, it's fun exercise which can be run at any time, with no preparation.

Give everyone a name of one of three fruits, say apples, oranges, pineapples.

You then start by shouting out one of the fruits - e.g. apples. Everyone who is an apple (and you ) then have to find a chair.

Whoever is left over at the end then shouts out another fruit.

You can get everyone moving by shouting fruit salad then everyone has to move.

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