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Body Language

This is an old one but a good one.

If you are training people who work face to face with customers, this is a great exercise to include in your customer service training material - it makes the point of the importance of positive body language powerfully.

1. Body Language

Good for

Face to face customer service personnel, understanding the power of body language.

Developing the confidence of the trainer

Length - 2 minutes

What you need

Practice - Remember the sequence of the actions you need to take below. You need to be familiar with these actions and well-practiced doing them. If you hesitate or lose track it will be more difficult to get people to follow you so easily.


Explain that you are going to give a series of instructions which you'd like everyone to follow.

As you state the actions, make sure you do them too:

-touch your nose

-wave at everyone

-stand up

-cross your arms

-sit down

-clap your hands

-pay yourself on the back

-touch your forehead!! but as you say this last instruction touch your nose

You'll see that the group will follow your non-verbal cue over your verbal instruction.

This links nicely to first impressions work and body language when dealing face to face with customers.

Here's another exercise on creating a good impression

which you might like to use after this exercise. This also focuses on creating a good first impression and body language plays a huge part in that impression.

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