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Why not use this handy customer service infographic which brings to life some key customer service statistics in your Customer Service Training.

The effect of positive and negative customer service

The illustration below can help support the messages you give in your organization's training, it's particularly useful for a retail context.

Customer Service Infographic by NBRI

You can

Either project the website onto your screen, or print as handouts to support some of your customer service training exercises and discussions.

You could use it as part of any pre-course work, joining instructions or as a reminder of key points following the training.

As it focusses on the positive and negative impact of the quality of customer service, you can link this to your exploration of good customer service stories to accentuate the importance of exceeding the customer's expectations, and the positive impact it brings.

You may want to link that to some work around random acts of kindness 
and the difference that a simple act can make to a customer, spreading good news about your brand. ( This morning on twitter, I've noticed a packaging company - not a household name - getting real praise, because a lorry driver stopped to let a duck and it's ducklings cross the road. Everyone benefits from this act of kindness)

You can of course explore bad customer service experiences and the negative impact that they have. Again, with social media, it's easy for people's poor customer experiences to go viral.

The startling statistics that 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly return to do business with you could make for some interesting discussions, especially when business performance and job security are upper most in people's minds. That's a great way to connect the reality of looking after customers and why it matters to the business or organisation, the people in the training and of course the customers.

You could link that to dealing with angry or difficult customers

For those of you are involved in call centers, and therefore may feel that these statistics are not as relevant as you'd like them to be. Our friends at have some interesting statistics from their survey into why orgnizations lose customers. Click here for more information

All useful content for your customer service training.

Please remember to name your sources if you use the infographic or its content - it's respectful, and it shows your credibility because you've done your research.

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