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What is extraordinary customer service?

How can you develop it?

What stops people giving the best service possible?

How can we develop people not to tune out from the customer they are speaking with?

The world of customer service keeps moving on.

Customers can connect with us face to face, by telephone, by our website, by live chat, by social media. Customers have become more demanding, wanting the right information quickly, wanting problems solved NOW!

If they don't receive it they take to twitter or Facebook to let the world know of poor service, and that at least gives us an opportunity to put things right.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Perhaps, what we should be more concerned about is OK service; ordinary service, the kind of service that doesn't set us apart from our competitors, the bland, the mundane, the ordinary. The "is there anything else that I can help you with today?" delivered with a tone that says please don't say yes because we have lots of calls queuing.

In a competitive world, companies and organizations look for ways to get ahead of their competitors, and setting yourself apart through Extraodinary Customer Service is one way they can do that.

One the challenges that trainers talk to us about, is that people think they are giving great service but in reality, it has become ordinary, dull and ordinary.

How can you get people to understand the level of service they give and benchmark an approach that is right for you?

How can you get people thinking about that, and start to raise their service levels?

Intelligent Dialogue has developed a Customer Service Training Module which focuses people on different levels of service in varying situations.

Great for team meetings, lunch and learns, training sessions, customer service week and customer experience conferences.

It's one of a series of modules that helps front line people think about ways they can improve the customer service and the customer experience.

Easy to run, and packed with exercises and useful ideas, why not visit the Intelligent Dialogue Website and have a look.

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