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We all have quotes and sayings that stick in our mind, even though we may have trouble recalling where we heard or read them. We also often fail to appreciate that it is not on many occasions the person who says those words who was the author of them. It is the unknown speechwriter or scriptwriter who is the unsung hero, who produces the lovely turn of phrase or the memorable one liner. This should give us some hope that given a little time and knowledge of our business we too can come up with something that 'hits the high note'.

As people involved in customer service you will have your own ideas about what you thing will make a great informative, thoughtful and motivating idea. You may even have groaned inwardly about some of the things you have come across. Well have a go 'nothing ventured nothing gained' as someone (deservedly famous), somewhere at some time said. 

In the meantime have a look at these links to give you inspiration and look at the possible ways you can use these key phrases to inform and inspire both yourself and those people around you.

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Quotes can be a good icebreaker or a start point for stimulating debate and discussion.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from using quotes in your training sessions

Write them on the walls

well not literally, but print out or write your favorite quotes on sheets of paper and dress the walls of your training rooms with them. Use bright colors to attract the eye, and make sure you refer to them during training.

Get people to vote on them

if you need an energizer during the training session, ask people to read all the quotes you’ve put around the room, and then get them to vote for their favorite.

Use them in your course materials

a quote is short, snappy and memorable, and will be a great way to sum up a learning point in a session, use them in PowerPoints, course materials, exercises.

Use them as an icebreaker

give individuals or pairs a quotation on a piece of card, and ask them to talk about the quote, whether they agree or disagree with it.

Stimulate debate and discussion

give participants a quote and ask

  • whether it applies in today's world of customer service ( good if you are quoting some of the business greats from the 20th century
  • how you go about achieving it
  • what needs to change in your organisation to achieve it
  • what they need to commit to in order to achieve it
  • Get people to make up their own quotations

    that can be fun, and provides a good resource for you internally. Give the best ( voted for by the group ) a prize.

    Here's some quotes to help you

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