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Celebrate the work that you do helping customers in customer service week.

Why choose one week out of fifty two to highlight customer service?

Well if there is a national alien abduction day, ( where customer service would seem to be fairly low down on their list of priorities ) there should be a week to celebrate and promote all the good work done by customer service personnel everywhere.

I think you will agree in a market economy, customer service is and should continue to be a major priority.

Customer Service Week 5th - 9th October 2020

So how do you make your week worthwhile?

Well for a start you can create a celebratory environment,  posters,  balloons even nibbles and drinks where appropriate.

Increase your teams profile within your business, let everyone from sales and operations know what you do on a daily basis and the impact you make. In fact, why not invite people from those departments to come and work in customer service during the first week of October?

The five core goals are:

  • boost morale, motivation and teamwork
  • reward frontline reps for the important work they do all year long. 
  • raise companywide awareness of the importance of customer service. 
  • thank other departments for their support. ( customer service is a team effort )
  • remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Are you ready to celebrate your service champions?

Do you have Service Champions. It reminds us all that to do our best for our customers we much, lead by example, achieve success for the customer and exceed their expectations.

Do you have customers that you can invite to your organization?

Ask them for feedback, get their views and ideas, however wacky and off the wall, and let them know that their input is appreciated.

E-mail your clients thanking them for their custom.

If you are in retail put up signs that could simply say ‘Thank you for choosing us – we really do appreciate your custom’

Hold a customer service week thank you party that gives a chance for employees, senior managers and company reps to mix together. This is useful particularly where they may not interact on a regular basis.

Trumpet your successes

Have sales increased? Is staff turnover low and job satisfaction high? Have you had letter from customers of complaint that have been dealt with successfully, or letters thanking you the quality of Service you provide?

Do you use different media to highlight events and successes? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

All of these send a message about your business and how important customer service is to your company.

You can also use this time to review your skills base. It provides a real opportunity to follow up on your customer service training, and bring the learning from previous sessions to the front of people's mind again.

Is training and employee knowledge sufficient?

Do people have the right information to do their job?

Create a time that allows for staff suggestions, make time in your team meetings to discuss ideas and to evaluate customer feedback.

And don’t forget to tell us what you’ve got up to celebrate, we’d love to see photos and hear about how the week helped you focus on the customer.

Remember as well that the focus of National Customer Service Week is genuinely about the customer. It is not there to validate theories or an opportunity to complain about other peoples performance. Keep it positive folks. Your focus is the customer and how you help them.

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