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Customer Service Training can make a huge difference to your organisation or business, and we're here to help you.

Customer Service is becoming even more of a differentiator for consumers and businesses who are focusing on spend, costs and in satisfying and retaining their customers.

And because we are all being asked to do more with less we've put together a site full of valuable tips, ideas and resources for anyone involved in or considering training their people to do their best for customers.

Quite simply, we believe that customer service training is great for business and great for employees and we're here to help you improve your customer service.

You may be a trainer who wants to get ideas or share tips.

You may be a manager or team leader who wants to improve the customer service and focus in your department and are looking for the best or most cost effective ways you can deliver this.

This site also has useful information for business owners who recognize that customer focused people will make a difference to the growth of their business and the retention of their customers.

Look no further, you've found a site dedicated to customer service training ideas, tips and games, saving you precious time and money in finding those resources. Resources like these

What do we mean by customer service training?

The terms customer care , customer service and customer services are often used interchangeably and mean different things for different people.

So here's our definition.

Everyone within a business does a job directly or indirectly in helping look after and retain customers.

So trainers or managers may have to purchase or run events that are about winning hearts and minds, developing a customer service attitude and some customer service skills to provide an experience that makes their customers day. Customer service in this context touches on winning, protecting and growing business, by being the best in every contact we have with customers.

You may be considering or already running training for your customer services department, people who invariably do business by telephone. Here customer services come into play when a customer has a query, a problem or a complaint with your products or services. In fact, with some businesses, such as utilities and commodities, the only human contact will be when something goes wrong. Training here will need to involve some training regarding attitude and how they can respond positively to the customer's inquiry. It will likely also include some telephone skills training and coaching as well.

We hope you enjoy exploring the site, we've tried to make it the one that we want to find when we are surfing the internet. One that's packed with advice and tips and which is really relevant to us and dedicated to customer service training.

So please add the site to your list of favorites. Check back often, you can even contribute your ideas and opinions, and save your own precious time in researching tools, content, material, tips, methods. It's all here for you at

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We want to build a site that trainers and customer service professionals bookmark to help them when they are delivering training. Why not let us know how we are doing? Do you have ideas, what do you like, what don't you like, what would you like to see more of. Tell us, and if we can we will.

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