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Motivational Music

Use music to make your customer service training sessions feel great.  Good music can be a great energizer.

Here are some of our favorites and some examples of inspiring and uplifting songs.

You will need to make sure you have the necessary licences to play music to a group of people, but playing music can really get the energy in the room, and create the right mood for your customer service training session.

Remember to make the music appropriate to the group of people you are working with, and check the lyrics for any hidden or embarrassing meanings - this music is about fun, and bringing energy to the room - you don't want to upset anyone.

We'd love to hear from you, as to your favorites, or any which you think are particularly suited to customer service training. What have you found works in your your workplace?

Motivational Music - What have you done today to make you feel proud? M People

What a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong

Search for the Hero - M People

We will rock you - Queen

Jorge Quintero - 300 violin orchestra

Trainer Tip

Some trainers get their people to choose the music. That's a great icebreaker, get everyone to talk about their favorite piece of music / song / why it's their favorite.

You could even play all their favorites at certain points, especially during on-boarding or induction programmes, where you have more time. This gives everyone an opportunity to talk to their colleagues about the music they love and why, and the music can break up sessions where you have been looking at systems and technology.

Employees of the month get to choose the music that is played in reception as people are walking into work - that's another fun way of using music to energise people, and help engage employees with their environment.

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