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Customer Focus is a standard organizational objective that you see in many competency profiles for people in a customer facing role, in every type of industry and in every location.

Bringing this focus alive often goes hand in hand with the overall success of an organization. This orientation towards your customers, from the top down, ensures that the customer and their satisfaction is at the heart of the business.

Customer satisfaction relies on

  • your product or service delivers on its promises - made in your advertising, or by your sales people
  • the overall buying and user experience is a positive one
  • contact with the organization is professional but also human
  • after sales service is congruent with the sales experience
  • the organization being helpful, and information or help easy to access

What does customer focus mean and how can training improve it?

Customer Focus will mean different things to different organizations, and may vary from industry to industry depending or their market norm, and the importance of the customer and customer retention to their strategy,

It can be summed up in these well-known phrases –

• putting the customer first, 
• the customer is king, ( or Queen! ) 
• going that extra mile for the customer 

There are other customer service slogans to inspire you, and for you to use in your training or team meetings.

A competency for the customer

A competency of this nature must include the willingness to help others, by finding out what they need, and then addressing and meeting those needs. 

It is as relevant to an internal customer as it is to external ones.

At one end of the scale people with poor customer service skills will show little concern for customers and could even be rude to customers. At the other end of the scale, people will focus not only on delivering good customer service but also on improving it.

Great customer care isn’t just about meeting needs it’s about being proactive, anticipating and planning for customer needs. That involves collecting information, understanding your customers, their challenges, pains and drivers.

The more you understand your customers, the more you can help them, the more you can sell to them. The more you understand them the more likely you are to retain their business.

How do you achieve that?

Empathy will play a huge part - getting your people to understand what it’s like to be a customer of your organisation. What the customer’s world is like, what it’s like to walk in the customers shoes. By understanding your customers, you can segment them.

 The more that you understand this as an organization, the more you can adapt your products and services to meet the customers needs. This is customer service as an extension of the art of marketing.

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