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call center customer service training

The Challenges of Call Center Customer Service Training, Its Importance & Some How To Suggestions

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Telephone Skills

girl with headset

Telephone Skills is a Key Part of Customer Service Training for Call Center Agents. What Skills are Required for Good Call Handling?

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Telephone Manners

Telephone Manners and the Importance of Telephone Etiquette in Contact Centres

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phonetic alphabet

phonetic alphabet 2016

The Phonetic Alphabet helps Ensure Accuracy when Dealing with Customers over the Telephone

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Start customer service training project

Hi This is the first time to design a customer service training project but I'm struggling with knowing which best topics that I have to include and

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who goes where icebreaker

organisation chart

Who goes where icebreaker. Another in our useful games and activities to supercharge your customer service training

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This website is great and has really helped me a lot. Thanks a lot for this huge resource

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Happy Christmas 2019

merry christmas 2019

Happy Christmas to all our visitors and the very best for 2020

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customer service training quotes

good service is good business

customer service training quotes to get you thinking, useful resource for putting on walls, emails, course notes etc

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We're on Linkedin

You can follow us on LinkedIn, and get updates of the latest posts to the site.

Stop by and say hello.

We're on Linkedin

You can follow us on LinkedIn, and get updates of the latest posts to the site.

Stop by and say hello.

Quick Thinking

quick thinking

Quick Thinking is important when helping customers, this exercise helps people develop this important skill

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Customer Experience v Customer Service

customer experience

What's the difference between customer service and customer experience? Thoughts and video's here.

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10 today

10 today

Customer Service Training Helper is 10 years young today

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Customer Service Energizer

Customer service energizer to help people think on their feet

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Travel Agents Customer Service Training

Thomson Travel Agents Customer Service Training video; relevant to any role; it shows the difference we can all make.

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25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service

25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service; customer service is changing - do you have what it takes?

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Developing a Customer Service Culture

Customer Care Label

Developing a Customer Service Culture; how the attitudes of senior managers and reward impact customer service

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Retail Customer Service Training


Retail Customer Service Training; how to help your customers in store

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Customer Service Training Video

In Tune DVD Photo

In Tune Customer Service Training Video; very simple, easy to use, very effective

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We're on facebook

We've just added a Facebook Page.

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Customer Service Charades

customer service charades

Customer Service Charades; another game with purpose for you to use in your customer service training

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Extraordinary Customer Service

out of this world

Extraordinary Customer Service; how can you set yourself apart from your competitors?

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Telephone Game

Use the Telephone Game in your Customer Service Training

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Customer Service Training Games Alphabet

Customer Service Training Games Alphabet; use this simple exercise to involve everyone in your customer service training sessions

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exceptional customer service training


Use this page to find and showcase examples of exceptional customer service training.

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Customer Service Training Newsletter

Extra Extra Read All About It

Subscribe to Deliver; the customer service training newsletter from

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Great Site - thank you

I've just spent a good 20 minutes looking at the site, and I've bookmarked to come back. There's a lot of sensible advice, and I'm looking forward to

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Customer Service Training Icebreaker

Customer Service Training Icebreaker -free icebreakers to use in your training sessions. Really useful for customer service training.

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What makes a good trainer?


What makes a good trainer? What makes a great customer service training session?

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customer focus

customer focus 2016

Customer Focus, customer service training.

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dealing with difficult customers

here to help 2016

dealing with difficult customers, a key skill - ideas and resource for your customer service training

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Random Acts of Kindness

acts of kindness 2016

Random Acts of Kindness can be a great way to engage your employees & make customers your fans.

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Customer Service Infographic

Customer Service Infographic; Use this Handy Illustration of Key Customer Service Statistics in your Customer Service Training

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Customer Service Slogans for you to use

cs slogans

Customer Service Slogans for you to use in your customer service training or to help in your customer service week activities

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customer segmentation

customer segmentation

What is Customer Segmentation? How it can help you develop and improve your customer experience

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Taking notes on a flipchart

10-how-to take-notes-on-a-flipchart.jpg

Tips on Taking Notes on a Flipchart during Training Sessions

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training activity good impressions

Training Activity Good Impressions; creating the right impression for your customers, patients or guests

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what is customer service?

opening sign 2016

What is Customer Service. Our Definition of Customer Service to Help You Focus and Improve Customer Service

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Customer Service Training Tips Opening a Training Session


Customer Service Training Tips Opening a training session to get the best possible start

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customer service training tips preparation


Customer Service Training Tips Preparation - preparing for a successful training session

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Customer Service Training Business Case


info on putting together a Customer Service Training Business Case

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Customer Service Training Tip

Tips tier 2 graphic 2016

Nine of the most useful Tips for effective Customer Service Training

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New Look

We hope you like the new look of Customer Service Training Helper.

We're working on revamping the site, so come back soon and see the changes we're making.

customer service training games,

customer service training games to energise or break the ice during your customer service training

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Setting Goals

I really want to set up some measurable goals my Guest Service team can focus on. The only one I can really think of is setting a target number where the

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New to this!

I am in the process of starting a customer service training facility... Where do I begin?

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Customer Service Week

customer service week

Customer Service Week; Celebrate the purpose of the work that you do helping customers

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Good Service is about meeting the needs of your customers and your own company

Stage 1 - Define Customer Service The ability to meet your customers needs in the most efficient and cost effective way Stage 2 - Who are your customers?

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