Customer Service Training Icebreakers

Customer service training icebreakers are a useful way of getting people to relax and participate in the training session you are running.

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Ice breaker true or false

A great way to start a training session and get people talking to each other. It's particularly useful if people meet regularly but you want to focus their minds on each other.

Simply ask them to say three things about themselves, two of which are true, one of which is a lie.

You will need to give them time to think this up, but not too long, as people and their energy can get stuck.

The rest of the group then have to debate and decide which one is the lie.

Other customer service training ice breakers

Finding common ground
A fun way to get people to realise that they all have things in common

Guess the question Get the group involved with each other from the first round of introductions

The best thing
Get your people focusing on the good things that happen to them in their job or their lives. Dealing with customers has its rewards and this simple exercise helps people see that.

Which do you prefer?
Get voting with their feet, and finding out what people have in common

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Get the energy back in the room
A fun energiser to get peoples energy physical energy levels back up

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