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Tips for Trainers or Managers

Whether you are an experienced trainer, or a manager / supervisor who needs to look at delivering customer service training for the first time. You can access lots of tried and tested training tips which will help you make your training sessions

  • good for you,
  • good for your people,
  • good for your customers and
  • good for your business!

Are you looking for a customer service training tip that will help you plan, design or deliver great training?

Follow the links for valuable and useful training tips to save you time and money, all in one place.

Follow these and you'll have the peace of mind that you will be using tried and tested techniques to make your customer service training the best.

Useful Customer Service Training Tips


The Business Case for Customer Service Training´╗┐

You may need to put together a business case in order to secure the resources ( time or money ) to deliver training

Preparing for the training session

Avoid the horrible sinking feeling when a training session goes wrong by preparing for your customer service training session

Opening a training session

Get off to the best possible start by following these simple tips

Using roleplays in training

Most people hate roleplays - here's how to turn them into a useful learning experience

Overcoming resistance

Some of your messages may not be popular with some of your course participants, here's some tips on how to win people round

Creating good customer service

The aim of your training sessions.... to improve the customer experience within your business or organisation

How to develop competence

For your training to be effective, participants need to develop their skills and their competence

Learning Styles

Understand more about te learning styles of the people you will be training and how that can help inform how you work with them

What to include in your customer service training sessions

Some ideas for you to build your customer service training material

What makes exceptional Customer Service Training?

Share your view, showcase what you've done, read what others feel

What makes a good trainer?

Share your views or read what others see as the key skills of a good customer service trainer.


Would you like more specific advice from our Customer Service Training Agony Aunt? Then go to customer service training challenges and tell us about the challenges or problems you are facing, and we'll give you some ideas for tackling the situation.

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Other Tips

Putting together a business case for training

Preparing for a training session

Getting the best possible start to your session

Using roleplays

Developing Competence

Overcoming resistance from your participants

What makes exceptional Customer Service Training?

What makes good customer service?

What does it take to be a good trainer?

Learning Styles

taking notes on a flipchart