Training Activity good impressions

Good impressions & Six Degrees of Separation

Here's a useful training activity good impressions and the fact that it's a small world, you never know who you might meet.

Good For: team meetings, customer service training, refresher and review sessions.

This exercise works well where people work face to face with customers

Length: Can vary depending on the time you have available, the size of group, and whether you do this in full group or in pairs. Suggested running time 15 - 30 minutes.


Making a good impression with customers is essential. This is a useful exercise to demonstrate to the group the importance of creating good impression.

Give each participant a post-it note.

Ask them to write down the one person they would like to meet. It might be a film star, a singer, a sportsperson, anyone that they would really like to meet.

Ask them to imagine that they have won a competition to meet and interview that person this afternoon for a local TV station.

-what would they do?

-what would they wear?

-how would they feel?

Lead the discussion to get them to recognise they would make an effort with their appearance and their behaviour because they wanted to impress the person.

Then ask them to think about what that means in terms of customers. A good way to make the link to customer care, is to play six degrees of separation.

If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it simply demonstrates that it is a small world. It's the concept, that everyone can trace a link to anyone through six people. Try it with your friends, it's fun and amazing.

So for example let's say you're thinking of Brad Pitt. I know someone who works for a company that supplies a production company with film, so we can find a route to get to him. Get the idea?

Make the point that every customer counts, you never know who they are, and who they know.

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