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Ice breaker games are a great way to start your customer service training sessions.

Used wisely and not routinely, they can bring real focus and energy to the start of a training course

Short, sharp and fun, they are a way of helping participants relax and tune into the training session ahead. 

Choose the style.....

of icebreaker carefully depending on the type of session you are going to run, as part of your planning and preparation.

The start of a training session is the most important in terms of laying good foundations for the rest of the course or session.

Think about the icebreaker games you choose in terms of

  • the right level of energy you want for the course
  • enhancing your credibility as a trainer
  • building your relationship with the group
  • getting everyone participating in the course from the very beginning.

  • Here are a number of icebreaker games that you can use to start your customer service sessions well, and enable a session to be started in a positive way.

    Guess the question

    True or false

    Finding common ground

    The best thing

    Which do you prefer

    More ice breaker games here to help you

    And we've also some energisers and some customer service training activities for you as well.

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    Opening a training session
    Start a course well, and the rest follows. Start badly and you are running to rescue the event.

    Overcoming resistance
    There are people who will be resistanct to some of your training messages, find out more about dealing with resistance in the training room.

    Developing competence
    Understand more about how adults learn, and the steps you can take to build their competence through your training sessions.

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    Finding Common Ground

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