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We all like to include fun and enjoyable customer service training games within our training sessions or team meetings.

These help get the energy back in the room, break the ice, or make a key learning point for people to take back to the workplace.

So whether it's energisers, icebreakers, or activities and games we have a selection that will help you; ideas to make your customer service training more fun, get people thinking, and do things differently as a result.

Remember not everyone loves games, so choose them carefully and don't overdo it.  For some more information about people's preference, have a look at our page on Learning Styles.

Having said that,  we think these are a useful addition in the trainer's toolbox, so that you always have something to hand for the moments you need them.

The ideas here are quite generic so we would suggest that you develop and customize these, so that they are more relevant to your business or organisation.

Where possible we have also let you know whether the exercises are suitable for those who deal with customers face to face or on the telephone.


Make the training fun, but don't forget the important stuff - the learning.

Customer Service Training Games - Useful icebreakers

True or False?

A good icebreaker for people who meet regularly

Guess the Question

A fun low risk activity to get people sharing information early

Finding Common Ground

equally helpful for those who meet often as for those who haven't met before


Fruit Salad

Good for any training session because it does not need any preparation.

Training Activities

Good First Impressions

Useful activity where people work face to face with customers.

Training Activity Customer Focus

What's it like to be a customer of your organisation?

Click here for three great training activities to help you design great customer service training.

Customer Service Bingo

Download Bingo Cards to help during your roleplays. Includes blank cards so that you can use your own customer service phrases.

Customer Service Training Material

For you to build your own customer service training programme.

Have Fun With The Phonetic Alphabet

Play games with the phonetic alphabet to minimise mistakes and improve accuracy. Essential for people who deal with customers on the telephone.

Useful Resources

Customer Service Slogans

´╗┐Customer Service Week

Customer Service Quotes

Find Out More About How People Learn

Developing Competence

Find more customer service training ideas by clicking on the links below

Free Icebreakers for you to use

The Best Thing

Guess the Question

Which Do You Prefer?

True or False?

Finding Common Ground

Using icebreakers wisely

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