Use of Mobile Phones in Training Room

by Sally G


I run induction training which includes systems and customer service training sessions in a 600 seat call centre.

A lot of our new starters are young, often straight from school or college and they will not leave their mobile phones alone. They are often texting, and I'm finding this more and more annoying to deal with.

Mobile phones are not allowed on the floor and they are told this when they start.

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Dec 02, 2020
Using mobile phone
by: Monique John

It's not allowed to use mobile phones in the room when working because that can cause some distractions

Feb 16, 2012
Set the groundrules
by: Editor

Hi Sally,

I bet a lot of trainers, especially those who have been training for a while, can really relate to this..

As you said your trainees are young, and for a lot of them this will be their first job, and they are probably working out what is acceptable in their workplace. The induction programme could also help them to lay down good habits which are acceptable in the workplace.

Do you set up groundrules at the beginning of your induction training?

A contract where you all agree what is acceptable or unacceptable in the training room over the induction programme?

You can input into that and let them know how seeing people texting makes you feel. Make sure you pin a copy of the rules on the wall, and get everyone to sign the "contract" as well.

As for the group that you are working with currently, how have you responded to their texting? If they go on to the floor with their phones it could reflect on you and the training, so have a word with them. Next time someone or several people is texting, talk to the group and ask them how they think that makes you feel when you are working hard to prepare them for the their role on the phones and they are looking at or using their phones.

I hope that helps - let us know how you get on.

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