It's about us not them

by Jayne

I've been on some great training courses and I've been on some terrible ones.

It seems to me that we can learn from the bad ones too.

Bad courses

a) rely on powerpoint slides, it wouldn't matter who was in the room, the same thing would be said at 10.00 on day 1 of the course, the same thing at 11.00 etc

b) the trainer didn't understand our business, our customers or me.

c) the trainer wan't interested in our business, our customers or me

d) the trainer liked to tell stories which made them look great but weren't much use to me

e) the trainer thought they were there to entertain us rather than help us learn

f) The trainer got us doing some excruciatingly painful things right from the beginning

g) the trainer talked at us most of the time

h) the trainer couldn't answer our questions

Great trainers have an energy and a passion for their subject matter and make it real for the people they are working with. They have experience, depth and help us to come up with solutions that work in the real world.

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