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Free customer service training material that you can use in your training courses to improve customer service and customer retention within your business.

At Customer Service Training Helper, we have ideas, tips, games and activities to help you write and deliver great training sessions. That's right free customer service training material for you to use and all in one place. saving your precious research time and resources.

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All we ask is that you do not use these ideas in your own websites, or other promotional material, or indeed start selling them.

Against some material you will see a copyright symbol. You can still use it, just put a reference to us on your page.

Do the right thing, and then we'll be able to continue to provide you a great central reference for all your customer service training requirements.

Free training material

When you are building your material, start with considering what your customer service training should include - there's some ideas for you here

What is customer service?

This is a great way to start your sessions, by getting participants in the training to think about a definition of customer service and how that might apply within their business or organization.

From this you can go on to explore with the group or meeting, what makes good customer service

If you follow the link you'll find people's good customer service experiences for you to explore and use with your participants.

Use them as case studies to explore what makes good customer service, and make sure to relate those experiences to your organization and industry.

Why not take some time to explore examples of bad customer service

The good, the bad and the ugly.... get people thinking about the service they provide for the people they do business with.

There are lots of examples here to use as case studies and help people explore how a customer feels in certain situations.

Customer service statistics

If you want some material to use about the impact of positive and negative customer experiences, have a look at this infographic

Customer service quotes

Use these quotes to get you thinking, to dress a room, to include in your course material.

Why not focus a session or meeting around a

customer service slogan?

Music can be a great motivator

Here's some material to help you design and deliver highly impactful customer service training.

*Icebreaker games
*Icebreaker activities
*Training activities
*Training games

And because we want you to be successful in the training you deliver there's also tips, useful quotes and information to use in your customer service training.

There's also links to other sites you might find useful, and ideas about training content, and the challenges we face as trainers. From dealing with resistance to understanding customer segmentation.

So why do we give you access to this training material? because we are passionate about customer service and training that makes a difference.

And you can contribute too, tell us about your experiences as trainers or trainees, and what makes good customer service training.

Facing some training challenges, why not ask our experts for help?

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