Felt like I was spending thousands of pounds.

by Diana

I have just been a bit overwhelmed by the customer service I received at the apple store. Firstly, I hate places like that, full of beautiful bright young things who talk a different language but I thought I would go in and check out the fuss about the iPad.

The experience was amazing, I was in there for over two hours, and the last customer in the store to leave, but I honestly felt more special buying that than when I have bought new cars twenty times the price.

The interesting question is why?

Firstly, Ben who served with me believed in his product, his pride in working for apple was palpable, and he just kept talking about how well apple do things with which you couldn't fail to be moved.

Second, he took the time to find out what I would need the iPad for,showed a genuine interest and talked about things that were relevant to me, rather than just bombard me with features

Thirdly, he listened to my concerns, and talked to me about ways round things. No heavy sales pitch just pointing out the options.

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