Failure to communicate

by Paul

Having had a number of parcels wrongly delivered to my address (they were taken in by a neighbour). I tried to get somebody to collect them, having tried to deliver them myself to find the person no longer lived at the delivery address.

The courier company did not take direct phone calls and referred you to the company from where the goods were ordered. Having spoken to them and finding I did not fit their script for dealing with an enquiry, they referred me back to the courier company. Having now spent more than enough time dealing with this, I e-mailed the courier company and asked them to collect the items in 7 days or they would be disposed of.

E-mail returned saying please contact the ordering company.

Result: goods delivered ended up in a charity shop.

The courier company turned up 5 weeks later to collect the goods.

Not impressive from either company who simply couldn't have cared less about the trouble I was trying to take or their original customer.

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