Customer Service - they only want our money!

by Paul

We have a shop, and purchased an expensive till system to help us manage our business, stock, finances and website.

It works well for us, and we've even supplied the company with testimonials. That is until something goes wrong.

On Saturday ( busiest day ) the entire system fails, we phone support, who only work Monday to Friday. That's right, this is a business built on supplying till systems to small shops.

We phone at 9.00 on Monday morning and at half past twelve call again to be told, we've emailed you the paperwork that you need to sign and fax back to us, and then you need to call us back to pay for the engineer to be sent out to you. All well and good, but the till system ( which hadn't worked since Saturday morning ) was also our internet and email.

We pointed that out.

They had a system and they were sticking to it. Phone calls got my wife out of a meeting, to download, sign, fax and return, for her to receive an email from "Customer Services" to say "call us to pay". Why didn't they take the money at 12.30? Well because the form had to be signed first.

The engineer duly arrives ( which is a plus ) and identifies the problem, you've guessed it we have to go through the whole process again, they had to email the form to be signed and faxed back. Once the form had been received then we had to call to make payment, even putting us on hold to make sure the form had been received.

When did the form become more important than the customer?

My wife pointed out to the accounts person ( she's like that ) that we were very disappointed about the service, and how the process was not friendly for people whose entire system had failed.

They said they would let someone in "customer services" know. We've heard nothing.

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Oct 19, 2014
Our business is customer centric business
by: Anonymous

I find it amazing how many times i listen to businesses telling us this. Yet they get lost in their process.

Someone who has no understanding of interpersonal skills has developed a system that must be followed. In this case they'd do well to look at ISO 9001:2008

Continual improvement is the name of the game which involves focussing on customer service and reacting to the feedback to continually improve

Feb 14, 2012
No understanding of the customer
by: Cathy F

It seems so obvious when we read this what it is like to be the customer of this company and how they let them down.

But, like so many, something takes over, and companies only see their processes and procedures from their point of view..... and in some cases act as though the customer gets in the way of the "real work"

So many people to train!!

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