Bad Customer Service Online

by Sherri
(Florida, USA)

I purchased a product online which had a 90 day guarantee. If I did not like it for any reason at all, I could return it.

Well, I did not like it after about 60 days. It turned out to be a waste of my money and I was getting tired of wasting my money.

I remembered that it had a 90 day guarantee and I went back to the website. I was right.

I sent an email requesting a refund per his guarantee.

He sent me an email back saying it was longer than 90 days. I pointed out to him that it was less than 90 days.

He then called me dishonest for requesting a refund after using it.

I ended up getting a chargeback on my credit card because the credit card company looked at the guarantee.

I sent an email to the guy saying that instead of calling me dishonest, he should have asked me why I did not like it and how he could improve it. I also suggested that he remove his guarantee if he did not plan to honor it.

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